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FCI London: The Largest Contemporary Furniture Showroom in London – One of the most beautiful modern furniture stores.

Modern Contemporary Furniture Company

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Know more about FCI London and Contact them through: +44 (0) 20 8961 7780

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Professional Cleaning Services in London

end of tenancy cleaning services hot offers

domestic cleaning services in london

Cleaning Services in London

Cleaning Services in London is one of the Must needed Services. It’s the responsibility of the Landlords and Tenants to keep their property clean and hygienic. So that it will be comforting to live a healthy life. There are Hottest Offers for different types of Cleaning Services based on the needs and method of cleaning.

Various Cleaning services are

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • After Builders Cleaning
  • Office and Commercial Cleaning
  • Regular Domestic Cleaning

end of tenancy cleaning services offersAbout Spring Cleaning:

Winter Season which will make the people shut their houses tightly to withstand the cool. Spring which follows the winter will get a welcome from the London people. As house will be dragged with Muddy shoes and boots, Spring season is the cleaning time as well.

About Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning is one of the sensitive and complicated work. Carpet will be filled with dirt and allergens, so it must be cleaned properly. Carpet Cleaning must be done using some chemicals to make sure it will be perfectly cleaned and also we must ensure that the chemical should not spoil the quality of the carpet.

end of tenancy cleaning services hot offersEnd of Tenancy Cleaning:

End of Tenancy Cleaning is must for the Tenants before leaving the home or property. While leaving the property the tenants must make sure the property is clean and based on that the landlords will return the deposit amount. These things will be clearly mentioned in the Agreements while tenants enter into the property.

After Builders Cleaning:

During the construction or renovation, the house or the property will be fully filled with construction dirt or waste materials. So we must make sure the things were clean and neat after the construction or renovation works. Some replaceable items can be changed or else it may be covered to avoid the dust and dirt which can be done effectively by After Builders Cleaning.

end of tenancy cleaningOffice and Commercial Cleaning:

Office and Commercial Cleaning is must for a place where people will be walking here and there continuously, for various purposes. Also, some important meetings may happen inside the office as well. So it’s important to have regular cleaning and must maintain the Office environment clean and hygienic.

Regular Domestic Cleaning:

Some people will feel difficult to spend time in cleaning. One must clean their vessels, floors, carpets my mopping or through vacuum cleaning. Regularly cleaning the windows, doors or other objects within the home will keep the home clean and neat. Hire the Regular Domestic Cleaning Services to make it better.

end of tenancy cleaning services

Hire the Professional Cleaning Services for any of the cleaning services above to make sure the cleaning is done perfectly and professionally. Using the chemicals or other special equipment can be used to make sure the things were cleaned perfectly.

You can also find the end of tenancy cleaning hot offers.


Garden Waste Disposal Tips

In the process of keeping gardens beautiful, you can end up with a huge pile of waste. Throwing it away haphazardly or burning it in a bonfire is not only unsafe to public health but will also endanger the environment.

Here are garden waste disposal tips.

    • Build a compost: A compost pit or bin acts as a natural fertilizer to the soil. What is fun and useful about this idea is once your compost pit is full, you can cover and leave it up to a year. Weeds, flowers, leaves and grass will make great ingredients for compost.
    • Recycle: Instead of throwing away twigs and small branches, why not stack them in a pile on parallel sides of the garden to create a hedge which will add beauty to the garden. You can use the extra twigs as firewood to light a barbecue.
    • Sell the surplus: Farmers are in need of natural manure and people with fireplaces will always need firewood especially during winter. So why not sell manure from your compost bin and the twigs to neighboring farmers or even to those with gardens.
    • Hire a tip: Hiring a tip can be practical for disposing of non-biodegradables. Most municipals have days of picking waste. While it may require you to pay a certain fee, the systematic way in which they help get rid of waste is so much better than illegal dumping. You can also hire a waste removal company to take away any cuttings or grass that you will need disposing of. When searching online, type in a phase like rubbish collection london

.By recycling garden waste, you will return nutrients and improve the soil. To dispose of non-biodegradable waste, hiring your local tip can give you the help you need.

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3 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Interior-DesigningInterior Design trends keep changing and each year, stylists and designers are coming up with newer trends. Usually, interior design trends are informed by the client preference, as well as ideas that designers may have borrowed from here and there. In 2017, it’s still too early to tell what will be the most preferred trends will be. However, we have some tried and tested interior design trends that are still expected to rock this year;

  1. Use of upholstery for furniture; upholstered furniture was fashionable in the 70s and 80s and it seems that this trend is surely creeping back. Outdoor garden furniture pieces like tables and seats can be covered in tough upholstery that can withstand all weather conditions. The upholstery is not just popular due to the fact that it protects furniture, but also due to its classic, old school look and feel.
  2. Mixed patterns; this is another trend that gained huge popularity in 2016 and is expected to continue in 2017. Forget plain white duvets, or plain colors for your sofa cushions; a good designer can mix and match the patterns to come up with a unique feel for your room by world class interior designers.

Black steel; shiny used to be the stylish trend in the 80s. Today, almost every home owner wants to furnish their kitchen in a black steel oven, fridge, etc. Even the Smart TV units are no longer coming in shiny colors, but rather a shiny black look. This trend is expected to continue rocking in 2017.

See Joinery companies

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The Best 24 X 7 Electrical Service Provider In London Is SOS Electricals

If you have ever had a tooth ache, a severe ache that gets worse at night and you can’t sleep, and all you’re waiting for is to get to a dentist early the next morning; the same anguish can be said of an electrical emergency or failure. Sometimes, prolonged power failure could mean immense losses either in a business, or much inconvenience at home. But if you are a resident of London, this should never be the case at any time; SOS Electricals is pleased to inform you that you can now get our services 24/7. In other words, you can always engage our electricians in case of an electrical emergency, or need to have a task done at any time, any day. This includes on weekends and national holidays. Our electricians are some of the most qualified, most courteous that you’ll find anywhere in London. They’re skilled in remedying electrical faults in commercial premises, homes and residential premises, offices, industries, go downs; basically, we are an all rounded electrical company.

The process of booking our services within London is now greatly simplified;

  • Give us a call/ email; our customer care team is always on standby 24/7 like aforementioned, and can be reached either via phone, or by dropping us an email; all emails are responded to promptly.
  • Nature of your issue; the highly trained customer care team will then ask you to explain to us the nature of the electrical fault or emergency. This is then communicated to our technicians so that they know what to bring with them. We have specialized vans that have all the tools and equipment needed to sort any issue.
  • Your location; we’ll also need to know where you’re located, as well as when you’re available. If it’s an electrical emergency, we deploy our technicians right away. If you‘re not around, we arrange on a more convenient time.


SOS Electricals also does home automation has now made things much better in London now; you have a reliable partner who’s always on standby to rectify all your electrical emergencies and faults.

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Home Tile Guide

This following post is from the Tileland Blog page

If you are redecorating your home, you may be considering having tiles fitted to your floors and walls. There are many different styles to choose from and in this short post we will discuss what these are and which may suit the certain style of your home.

There are a number of different materials available to suit all tastes and some are made for flooring rather than walls as they may be slightly thicker and heavier and more hard wearing as many people may be walking on them with shoes for many years to come.

There are a number of different materials available to suit all tastes and some are made for flooring rather than walls as they may be slightly thicker and heavier and more hard wearing as many people may be walking on them with shoes for many years to come.

Some of the material available is glass, porcelain and ceramic and we will describe them below.

Porcelain Tiles are very hard wearing and will suit a floor where many people will be expected to use. These are also ok to use outside as some variations are weather proof. They can be used on walls that are strong and will be able to hold the weight. You can get some advice from your local Tile provider on this.

Ceramic tiles are very versatile and therefore are popular and sell very well. These are only for indoor use and are easy to clean and come in many sizes. These are also ideal in the bathroom or shower room.


Glass tiles can be made into any colour whch give a nice effect. They can be a little difficult to install though as they are regarded as difficult to cut so only a professional should deal with these.

For more articles and images of all types of tiles, you can visit https://www.tileland.com for more home decorating advice or the Facebook page here.

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Recycling Hope

Recycling is the smart way of turning items that would otherwise be thrown away into usable goods. This is a sure way of reducing items that often end up in the environment as trash because they are broken, crushed or unwanted. Good recycling habits begin at home. If you are not into the habit of quickly throwing away items you no longer use, then you have come to appreciate the benefits of recycling. Recycling is a good practice for you and your family;

  • Conservation of natural resources; since recycling aims at reusing products, there is minimal wastage of resources such as water and timber.
  • Prevents pollution; when a factory recycle its products there would be no need to collect new materials for the manufacturing process which often results into harmful emissions on the air.
  • Creation of jobs; as people become more conscious of their environment, more recycle companies are sprouting up and this is good news for the unemployed as it provides job opportunities. There is a nice article by environment spokesperson Andrew Charalambous on keeping Britain green or more thoughts on environmental issues on his blog http://www.andrewcharalambous.com
  • Saves energy; this helps reduce the effects of global warming which are threatening the eco systems at an alarming rate.
  • Avoids landfills; a lot of land is wasted on dumping sites, throwing away products that could be put into use if reused. Plastic cans and glasses are some of the things that could be used as by products in creating other innovative products like flower vases. By avoiding landfills, you also contribute towards the reduction of air and water pollution.


A little difference can go a long way in conserving the environment. In order to understand the whole concept of recycling, it is vital to look at the 3 areas included which include; reduce, reuse and recycle. Careless jetting away of products that we would consider useless can lead to accumulation of waste on the environment and cause a lot of chaos on the environment.

There is hope in the recycling industry because of government initiatives which promote recycling products as well as manufacturers who partner with various companies to reuse by products. You can also contribute towards the achievement of these goals by taking recyclable products to the various recycling centers available in your locality. Plastic bags are also your number one enemy when it comes to plotting the environment. There are many countries even in developing lands which have banned the use of plastic bags and have seen a tremendous success. Plastic bags do not rot and may stay on the ground even years later.

Companies also need to adopt paperless approach to processing their files and documents. Landfills as a result of papers may accumulate up and fill up quickly. When there is less need for paper, which means less cutting of timber thereby conserving natural resources.  Since most companies now require customers to fill in online forms when making applications, this is a bright side of the issues, prove that recycling efforts have reached a global scale and if the trend continues, there will be less wastage of materials and more use of recycled items.

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UK Registered Electricians

If you are having electrical work done in your home it will need to meet the national standard that come into place during 2005 and is part of the building regulations.

Let’s face it at some stage you will need to have some kind of electrical work completed whether it would be some faulty wiring, replacement switches or even a whole reconstruction of all electrics in the whole house.

Though it maybe quite tempting to have a go yourself and attempt a repair, it would be wise to avoid this and employ a full qualified electrician who is competent, will do a great job and will be able to give a guarantee for the work carried out.

Finding a good workman can be quite tricky as you may be wondering who to trust. It is perfectly fine to have a recommendation from a friend as long as they are qualified. You can also check to see that they are registered to work on your premises. Click here
to find a suitable candidate.

If you do not have any recommendations, you can use an old method of the Yellow pages or Thompson Local.

Failing that, the most popular method is to go online and start searching for someone in your local area.

Study each electrical contractor website in detail and look at the testimonial section. This way you will be able to see what past clients thought of their work.

http://www.sos-electricals.co.uk is a good example of the standard that you should be looking for.

Though theses websites you should get a rough idea of the pricing structure of the company. It would be a good idea to get some written quotes to see exactly what you will get for your money. Also this will save any confusion and will protect you from occuring any hidden charges at the the end when work is complete.

You can get some more information at this Facebook page.

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3 Tips to Organize a House Move

Moving from one house to the other can be both exciting and stressful. The knowledge that you are heading to a new, perhaps better house can excite you tremendously. Yet, the moving process can be hell if not done properly. From the loading, transporting, offloading, arranging of your furniture items, to your fear of damaging any delicate items like pianos, etc; a house move should be planned carefully. Most home owners learn of this at the last minute. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can make your house move both smooth and stress free. There are three cardinal rules when it comes to organizing a house move;

  1. Arrange and sort your household items in advance; when it comes to this very important point, this is the make or break factor. The reason most home owners have ‘not so pleasant’ memories of house moves, is because they did not take time to arrange and sort their household items well on time! Much as a moving company helps in getting the job done, it lies upon you to know what should be where, what should be handled delicately, and so on so forth
  2. Engage the services of a professional house moving company; a professional house clearance company like K1 house removals in London is best placed to not just transport your household items, but also do so safely. Get a house moving company that’s insured. You read more about that company on their blog.
  3. Ensure that the new house you’re headed to is ready for you; lastly, make prior arrangements to clean or ready the new house that you’ll be moving to. While this may seem obvious, there have been instances of home owners who decided to move to houses they had only seen in the internet. A good home owner should visit their new premises, and ensure that everything is ready and in place for their moving in.

If you like this post you may like our recycling post.

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Different Ways to Get Great Deals In Bedroom Furniture Wardrobes

wardrobesBedroom furniture wardrobes are available online and in any furniture store around your town. Getting great deals on the best wardrobes can be a bit tricky for the first time. However, if you master the art of shopping, you are able to buy custom made furniture of your choice at an affordable price. Bedroom wardrobes can be affordable or expensive depending on the place it has been bought.

Below are a few steps to follow when trying to get great deals in bedroom furniture wardrobes;

  • 0% down type deals. These are the type of deals that enables a buyer to get a well furnished wardrobe on a non interest loan. The deal can enable the buyer to furnish his/her place at once and pay of the loan later with no interest amount. Basically, this is a good deal for any buyer that is in a rush to equip their bedroom with exquisite furniture equipments.
  • Go for quality and not quantity. When choosing the perfect wardrobe furniture, be able to buy one of the best qualities. Wardrobes are curved with different types of wood. You are able to determine how strong the furniture is through the type of wood used. So, do not go for the most expensive furniture in the room but rather, carefully study what surrounds you, choose the best design at a good price instead wardrobes with sliding doors
  • Try out estate sales. Buying new furniture can be expensive but you can spend less money by investing in a used wardrobe instead of buying a new one. Nowadays, people sell their equipments and furniture when they are still new. You can get a good deal on a used wardrobe that is stronger and has a better design than the new and expensive one you were going for.
  • Test the furniture’s quality before buying it. When you have picked out the furniture wardrobe of your choice, be sure to test it. Check on the hollowness of the wood, how long it has been used, where it was made from and if it has a warranty. Everything depends entirely on if the product is new or used. Testing prevents any future disappointments with the product of top corner wardrobe


Furniture wardrobes can be expensive when they are new. However, in this era, you can get great deals depending on where you are shopping from. If you can, always go for designer furniture; it’s more durable, affordable, and easier to get a customized design.

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How Proper Garbage Disposal Is A Must For Good Health

A clean home or workplace is a great and peaceful place to be in. A garbage infested premises on the other hand is an unhealthy and unbecoming place to be in. Mind you, with garbage comes the huge risk of it rotting before it has been disposed, and attracting all manner of filth and organisms; from flies, rodents, mosquitoes, and all manner of disease causing agents. Yet, even the biggest health risks posed by garbage are unseen to the human eye; the bacteria and micro organisms in there can cause much havoc.


  • Rodents tend to be the quickest guests to show up each time you have garbage in your home. They thrive on the food leftovers and hide in the garbage that’s uncollected in the compound. Rats have been proven to transmit plaque, a deadly disease especially if you do not get done a home clearance services.
  • Still, when you have much garbage in your compound, you’ll end up attracting all manner of stray dogs and cats; they’ll have a field day scavenging over the food leftovers. Most of these stray dogs and cats are not immunized and will easily infect your pets with diseases. Parvovirus, rabies, these are just examples of deadly dog diseases that can be easily contracted.

  • What about the embarrassing cockroaches that have a habit of showing up when guests are present? They thrive and multiply on garbage and trash that is left uncollected for long. Cockroaches, flies; these are usually signs of an unhygienic homes, and can cause diseases like diarrhea, even cholera.
  • Nothing is as serene and healthy as a compound that is clean and tidy; garbage dulls the mood and sucks the happiness out of us. Our mental health tends to thrive in a clean, garbage free environment; a tidy garden, tidy lawns, driveways, etc.

Read more about house clearance fulham


Proper garbage disposal will go a long way in helping you keep diseases and other illnesses at bay.

The best place for garbage disposal tips is the https://www.rubbishawayltd.co.uk/ website

What Makes A Top Class Waste Removal Company

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What Makes A Top Class Waste Removal Company

What makes a top class waste Clearance Company? A good logo and website? Having a fleet of garbage trucks and vans? Charging cheaply? A top class waste removal company is not determined by a single factor; rather, it takes several factors to determine whether a waste clearance company really measures up to your class and standards.

If you are looking for  waste collection London, here are some tips for you.

waste removal
First and foremost, a top class waste clearance company should have a good website, where clients can get to learn more about the services offered. Such a site should contain a list of all the services being offered, rates, images of the equipment that the company has, and so on so forth.
Secondly, the reputation and experience of the company also matters a lot. If former clients who have tried the services of the company in question don’t have anything positive to say about the company, then that’s a red alert.
Thirdly, a top class waste removal company should have the right tools and equipment for the job. These include trucks, vans, bins, and even cranes in case bulky waste has to be lifted or hoisted up.The waste clearance teams and personnel should also be well equipped. A top class company should be able to equip the waste disposal teams with the right personal protective equipment for instance boots, gloves, aprons, etc. The last thing you want is to allow untidy, disheveled waste clearance teams in your premises.
The customer care team is also a determinant of how class and professional a waste disposal company really is. As a client, you should be able to call and talk to the disposal companies at any time without any delays. Besides, such a team should be courteous and polite towards you at all times.

You can tell whether a waste disposal company is professional and top class by considering the above factors.

You can learn more about house clearance services through this link http://www.quickwasters.co.uk/House_Waste.php

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Why Hire a Rubbish Removal in London

rubbish removalsWhen your house is filled with junk, you can do anything to clear it. You may decide to burn it, bury it, or stuff it in different polythene bags but for some, it is better to choose a waste clearance service provider. That is because of the benefits that rubbish removal services have in London. So why should you hire one?

Offers Various Solutions

Rubbish removals service companies have a number of solutions for managing your waste. Some of them specialize in furniture disposal, cellular disposal, basement junk clearance, and general junk removal. This provides you with a good number of waste management options to choose from.

Price and Payment

According to most government waste management regulations and companies that does rubbish removals, the cost of garbage differ depending on the size, weight, labor and input needed to recycle the type of junk. Therefore, if you want to clear plastic junk, you will probably pay a lower cost compared to electronics waste.

That aside, there are also waste clearance companies that accept all form of credit and debit payment. This can save you time and energy if you don’t have enough cash to dispose your garbage.

To Avoid Loss of Time and Energy

Today’s world is quite busy. Everyone is practically involved in a project. You might therefore be too busy to find time to clear you rubbish. In this case you can just make a call to the rubbish removal companies and everything will be done for you.


There are many ways you can benefit from hiring a rubbish removal service provider in London. What is important is to look at the overall extensive services provided by each company, and chose the one that fits your waste situation.


Researching is important in knowing the benefits of hiring a rubbish removal service provider in London as some service providers are accredited while others are not.

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