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Garden Waste Disposal Tips

In the process of keeping gardens beautiful, you can end up with a huge pile of waste. Throwing it away haphazardly or burning it in a bonfire is not only unsafe to public health but will also endanger the environment.

Here are garden waste disposal tips.

    • Build a compost: A compost pit or bin acts as a natural fertilizer to the soil. What is fun and useful about this idea is once your compost pit is full, you can cover and leave it up to a year. Weeds, flowers, leaves and grass will make great ingredients for compost.
    • Recycle: Instead of throwing away twigs and small branches, why not stack them in a pile on parallel sides of the garden to create a hedge which will add beauty to the garden. You can use the extra twigs as firewood to light a barbecue.
    • Sell the surplus: Farmers are in need of natural manure and people with fireplaces will always need firewood especially during winter. So why not sell manure from your compost bin and the twigs to neighboring farmers or even to those with gardens.
    • Hire a tip: Hiring a tip can be practical for disposing of non-biodegradables. Most municipals have days of picking waste. While it may require you to pay a certain fee, the systematic way in which they help get rid of waste is so much better than illegal dumping. You can also hire a waste removal company to take away any cuttings or grass that you will need disposing of. When searching online, type in a phase like rubbish collection london

.By recycling garden waste, you will return nutrients and improve the soil. To dispose of non-biodegradable waste, hiring your local tip can give you the help you need.

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3 Tips to Organize a House Move

Moving from one house to the other can be both exciting and stressful. The knowledge that you are heading to a new, perhaps better house can excite you tremendously. Yet, the moving process can be hell if not done properly. From the loading, transporting, offloading, arranging of your furniture items, to your fear of damaging any delicate items like pianos, etc; a house move should be planned carefully. Most home owners learn of this at the last minute. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can make your house move both smooth and stress free. There are three cardinal rules when it comes to organizing a house move;

  1. Arrange and sort your household items in advance; when it comes to this very important point, this is the make or break factor. The reason most home owners have ‘not so pleasant’ memories of house moves, is because they did not take time to arrange and sort their household items well on time! Much as a moving company helps in getting the job done, it lies upon you to know what should be where, what should be handled delicately, and so on so forth
  2. Engage the services of a professional house moving company; a professional house clearance company like K1 house removals in London is best placed to not just transport your household items, but also do so safely. Get a house moving company that’s insured. You read more about that company on their blog.
  3. Ensure that the new house you’re headed to is ready for you; lastly, make prior arrangements to clean or ready the new house that you’ll be moving to. While this may seem obvious, there have been instances of home owners who decided to move to houses they had only seen in the internet. A good home owner should visit their new premises, and ensure that everything is ready and in place for their moving in.

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