UK Registered Electricians

If you are having electrical work done in your home it will need to meet the national standard that come into place during 2005 and is part of the building regulations.

Let’s face it at some stage you will need to have some kind of electrical work completed whether it would be some faulty wiring, replacement switches or even a whole reconstruction of all electrics in the whole house.

Though it maybe quite tempting to have a go yourself and attempt a repair, it would be wise to avoid this and employ a full qualified electrician who is competent, will do a great job and will be able to give a guarantee for the work carried out.

Finding a good workman can be quite tricky as you may be wondering who to trust. It is perfectly fine to have a recommendation from a friend as long as they are qualified. You can also check to see that they are registered to work on your premises. Click here
to find a suitable candidate.

If you do not have any recommendations, you can use an old method of the Yellow pages or Thompson Local.

Failing that, the most popular method is to go online and start searching for someone in your local area.

Study each electrical contractor website in detail and look at the testimonial section. This way you will be able to see what past clients thought of their work. is a good example of the standard that you should be looking for.

Though theses websites you should get a rough idea of the pricing structure of the company. It would be a good idea to get some written quotes to see exactly what you will get for your money. Also this will save any confusion and will protect you from occuring any hidden charges at the the end when work is complete.

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